Your Hair Won't Comb Itself (Hair Maintenance)

Have you brushed your weave lately?

People buy hair and feel they shouldn't have to take care of it, and I see it more often than none. Why do you think this way? Just like your real hair, you have to do maintenance to your extensions. The hair won't maintain itself. The idea of buying human hair extensions is to treat it like your real hair to ensure it will last longer. Regular maintenance to your extensions is a requirement. 

Frontals and Closures Do NOT last forever

People often opt for closures and frontals to protect their natural hair and still rock a weave with added versatility, but lace products are temporary and expensive.

  • Closures require maitenance every 2-4 weeks, and they eventually have to be replaced altogether. 
  • Frontals require weekly maintenance, and they also have to be replaced eventually. 
  • They both can range from $75-200 depending on the quality, length, and hair pattern. 

Do NOT get a frontal if:

  • You don’t want to pay for maintenance or upkeep. You’re going to be hurt when you have to keep returning to your stylist. IT IS NOT YOUR STYLIST’s FAULT! Again, lace is very TEMPORARY!
  • You don’t want to spend money on the hair, the frontal, the customization of the frontal, and the install.
  • You have a small forehead. If your hairline sits closer to your eyebrows, then it will either look like a wig, or you will have to sit the frontal on your hairline which isn’t too pretty either.
  • You don’t want your stylist to use products or adhesive, and you think you’ll get 100% versatility, completely protected hair, and a flawless lace install that looks like your real hair for longer than a few days.
  • You don't want to get the frontal replaced after a few months of use.

Do NOT get a closure if:

  • You don't like getting regular maintenance from a professional stylist. The closure moves as your hair grow so it requires maintenance.
  • You don't want to pay to get your closure replaced after a few months of use.

Although hair extensions are more convenient than dealing with your own hair, it still requires maintenance. Any products that have lace require more maintenance and tend to be more expensive. 

Do your research before purchasing, and always consult with your licensed stylist.