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I purchased the Raw Indian straight, and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend!!!!

Carley R.

This is by far the softest hair I've ever had. I love it.

Alexis K.

This hair is bomb and colored perfectly. I'm getting a lot of compliments on it and my lashes! Thank you for making my birthday special.

Kristina W.

Before You Buy

Know Your Length

For Women Who Are 5.2 Feet and Shorter- subtract a couple of inches if you don't want long flowing hair.

For Women Who Are 5.3-5.5 Feet Tall- use the picture to the right as your guide, keeping in mind that the hair length may vary per person.

For Women Who Are Taller Than 5.5- It may be best to add an inch or two from where you want the hair to fall using the picture, keeping in mind that hair lengths may vary per person.