Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: Typically three but this depends on your stylist. When you purchase longer lengths you tend to need more bundles. Shorter lengths may only require two bundles.

Q: Is this Virgin hair or synthetic?

A: All bundles sold are 100% Virgin no synthetic fibers or chemical processes.

Q: Can I bleach my bundles?

A: Absolutely! Make sure you have a licensed stylist to bleach your hair to get the best results. 

Q: How long do these bundles last.

A: The Brazilian bundles can last up to 2 years with proper care. This will save your hundreds of dollars annually. Raw Indian hair can last you a lifetime with proper care.

Q: Does 613 hair require alot of maintenance?

A:  Yes it requires alot of care. Anytime you bleach hair to #613 Platinum Blonde that hair will be fragile and easier to break off due to the hair bonds being broken. Platinum Blonde Hair will require daily hydrating of Argan Oil and Washed Weekly with some Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

Q: How do I maintain my bundles?

A: You should wash and condition your bundles at least once a week. Brush your bundles with the proper brush at least twice a day. Make sure your brush from the ends and work your way up to roots. Sleep in a satin or silk scarf or use a bonnet to protect your hairstyles. 

Q: What is the difference between Raw and Virgin?

A: Virgin hair has either gone through a steaming or perming process to make the waves and curls look more uniform and neat. Raw hair receives no processes whatsoever and the pattern can be different per bundle. How it is on the donors head is how you will receive the bundles. This makes it the purists hair on the market.

Q: Can I go swimming?

A: You may go swimming in pools and hot tubs. We recommend braiding your hair or pulling it up into a ponytail before swimming to keep your hair from tangling. It is best to wash your hair right after swimming since most pools have chemical substances in them. Add a spray in conditioner after swimming.