Shop Now Pay Later with Sezzle

We have all been in a position have we wanted something, but it was over budget for the week. We abandon the cart with hopes that we can save enough money to go back and purchase, but to our surprise, the product is either sold out or gone altogether. Ugh! We needed that product right at that moment, and waiting isn't an option. We should have purchased when we had the chance right? Good thing Sezzle is around.

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment solution that enables you to “Shop Now and Pay Later” with simple interest-free installment plans. They break down purchases into four smaller payments spread over six weeks. 25% is due at the time of the transaction, with the remaining 75% due across three easy payments scheduled every two weeks.

When you complete a purchase with Sezzle, the merchant ships your product immediately. You get to enjoy the item before you finish paying for it!

Sezzle automates the repayments from your bank account on file. Shoppers always have the option of paying off their purchase early by signing into their User Dashboard.

So now we no longer have to wait around to get the items we want. You can set up an account with Sezzle directly through or on the website of the merchant in which you wish to purchase. Happy shopping!!!!!